In Lutosa’s world, potatoes are our passion. The ideal terrain, outstanding expertise, and people of talent, all contribute to the production of the jewel of Belgian cuisine. It is no coincidence that in Belgium “having french fries” means being full of energy…

Mission I love Belgian fries Organisation

If you mention the good weather to a Belgian, he will complain about the rain. Yet potato growers will tell you that the Belgian weather is perfect. Temperate with rain that replenishes the sandy, silty soil. It is as perfect as the partnerships that we establish with farmers and the many links in the supply chain…


From the freshness of our ingredients to the consumer’s freezer, we never take our eye off the ball. From the air-conditioned facilities in which our ingredients are stored to the warehouses in which our finished products are kept, via our production units, the journey is just a few dozen metres. And from the packaged product to your plate, the logistics are fine-tuned. From beginning to end, our tools are at the cutting-edge of progress.

Lutosa products are sold in more than 132 countries spanning five continents. Our commercial policy is to promote partnerships with local players. Indeed, we believe that you are the best placed as you have a thorough knowledge of your market. In Belgium, we surround ourselves with staff who are experts in their respective fields and who have a strong team spirit.